Chestbeating legend

A big man has left us and I hate that. I would have loved to see Christian Nørgaard lift  the championship trophy when the season ended once again. That will not happen, but when the tears are dried away and the sun rises once again, I think that we can be proud of the fact that we have had such a warrior on the greatest team in Denmark and we can also be proud of the fact that Brøndby IF are now able to make good money once again.

4,06 million $/3,12 million £/3,48 million euro/26 million kr PLUS 15 % resale clause. For a danish club that is good, but not perfect. Double that for such a player would have been more fair, but if we take a look at the resale clause, the amount can grow into a lot more if he performs well in Fiorentina. I want to focus on the power we once again are getting on the transfer market – incoming and outgoing. Because of that I want to wish a Brøndby IF LEGEND good luck! We will be sending you all the positive thoughts you need and we will be looking forward to seing you again.

Im hoping that Lasse Vigen will take your number 6 role and embrace it like that place on the pitch, has always been his!




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