Drug legend

Diego Maradona

A hero to many and a loser to some,
Hot like the nose the barrel of a gun,
Used to be God now he looks like a bum,
Once he could dribble score and outrun,

Once he could break a wall with his cum,
Back then he could all but his ass got sprung,
His eyes are big and shiny like the sun,
From his corpse only cocaine will come,

He loves the drugs like we love football,
When he pisses it’s white because of cocaine,
He loves the ladies but have only one good ball,
He started with drugs just to ease his pain,

It is a little sad to se a legend go down,
He can’t get it up so he lost his crown,
Now when he’s horny alone he goes to town,
And smiles when his finger once again goes brown.

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A little boy named Neymar

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