When home travels with us

At the moment the leagues away sections are being sold to Brøndby IF fans in a tempo we have rarely seen. We are invading every pitch in the country like those ugly germans invaded Poland back in 1939. The difference is we are coming drunk and full of love to the greatest team in the country of Denmark!

These days Im extra proud to call myself a Brøndby IF fan. The yellow/blue army is marching through the streets like an army of gold on their way to every game in the country – everyone who disagrees on the fact that we are the greatest fans in Denmark, are delirious. That putt together with the fact that we are moving towards 12.000 season tickets sold at our home ground – WOW, is the only word to describe it.  How can anybody doubt the fact that we are the greatest and most loyal fans in Denmark?

I have watched videos of Celtic fans marching through the streets and its beautiful, but take a look at the video of 20.000 yellow fans marching through Copenhagen – fuck thats awesome! I think youtube can prove that fact. I have been in England watching the away fans and Im not impressed, I have been in Spain watching the away fans, who impress me even less than the english. Of course there is a lot of great fans out there I haven’t seen, but judging on what I HAVE seen – we can be proud of being right up there with the elite of the european football fans to!

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