Citizens of United Arab Emirates

How will Manchester City perform this season? They were extreme last season, where no one could get near them, but can they perform at the same level this year? I really hope they cant. I want to see a fight for the first place in the Premier league until the last games and I want Manchester City to fail bad. I cant stand that team and what they stand for – they fucking suck at the same level as PSG and Bayern Munchen if you ask me.

There are absloutely no doubt about the quality of “the citizens” and they have a world class manager, who lives and breaths for the beautiful game. I hesitate to call him the best in the world though, cause he has only done great with the biggest teams and even then he still disappoint in the Champions league. At least he did with Bayern Munchen and Manchester City so far.

They missed out on Jorginho – I love it. Hoped he would have stayed in Napoli, but Chelsea got him and for that City can’t be happy. Will they go spend more money though? Knowing Manchester City Im thinking yes. Fabinho was named as a midfielder they would go for to, but he ended up in Liverpool. Do they have any other names on that list? Lets see.




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