Bill Shankly would be proud

Shit they look fucking strong those reds! What a statement to actually throw those money at Roma to finally get Alisson and a first keeper the league can actually respect. I saw some video of the dude and he looks fucking solid. He is probably going to need some time to adapt, but when he has done just that and once their new number 8, Naby Keita is settled – Liverpool will once again be like a tornado, destroying houses and trucks on its path! For you Liverpool fans out there, this must feel like being back in the 80’s once again.

The transfer of Fabinho surprised me a lot, I did not see that coming. Fabinho was named as a transfertarget for Manchester United at one point, but at Liverpool? WHAT? It came out of nothing and within a few days he was at Melwood, Im impressed. They needed a clear number 6 and a clear number 6 they now have in Fabinho – not only that – he looks like a fucking beast!

They also needed backup for Mane and Salah. They have some of the young dudes for those positions, but they needed depth and what quality depth they got for no money in Shaqiri. He seems like a fucking asshole, but lets see if he end up like a sweet little bird after being influenced by Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool will kick ass this year, and Im putting money on them for the MOTHERFUCKING PREMIER LEAGUE


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