Fuck being creative

What the fuck kind of name is “Tottenham hotspur stadium”? Its like calling my dog “Dannys dog” – get fucking creative. Just thinking of the lack of creativeness here makes me want to slap somebody – wonder if my neighbor is home!?

Tottenham have potential of course they do and they have great players to go with that potential. Not only that – they have one of the greatest managers in the league, but this year the transfers is yet to be seen. What are they planning? Are they planning anything at all? A new stadium cant give them the trophys they want by it self, or can it?

Every year I start the season of by thinking of Tottenham as a team just outside of top four, but they manage to surprise me every year. Awesome, but if both Harry Kane and Christian Eriksen are out, can they do it then? Im not sure. They seem fragile to me, so they need more top quality players – get to it you fucking Spurs!

I like Tottenham, but that stadium name will be dissed very often on BallsBallsBalls.life this year.

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