Paris Saint oilmoney FC

Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Monaco, PSG….. The teams used to be many, until Qatar Sports Investments took over PSG. At one fucking finger flick, the french league was destroyed – so God damn sad! A lot of football romantics out there will agree with me and a lot of you guys will tell me to shut my ass up, but PSG is the main reason why Im against the way modern football works – PLUS somebody should slap Neymar.

PSG and Neymar is the perfect match. Primadonna club and primadonna player – I really hope that Thomas Tuchel will fuck this club up, but lets see.

If I was to stay objective, I would descibe PSG as a classy side, because of the strenght they possess, but I would also describe them as team, which isn’t really a team. Mostly because of Neymar and his huge salary and his selfish ways. I can understand that he wants to promote himself as the world greatest, but being the world greatest also contains being humble and being a team player. I dont really se that in him.

Take Neymar away, then they have a TEAM. 

But FUCK being objective. I hate this so called football club and everything it stands for.


“We dont need no water, let that motherfucker burn – burn motherfucker, BURN”



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