Mafioso El Cholo

Diego Simeone

My name is super Diego,
I’m hotter than el fuego,
Like canned spaghetti,
I’m greasy and sweaty,
I love this football juego,

You can call me super El Cholo,
I’m gangsta I don’t play polo,
And I will kill again,
If you play me and win,
Me losing is one big no no,

Mr. Brando has nothing on me,
Al Capone was one big baby,
I’m Diego Simeone,
Of God I’m a clone,
Sinatra is my biggest Idolo,

El cholo is a mafioso,
People are scared of him,
His players he slap,
They get scared they crap,
Even Zlatan is scared to sin,

When El cholo speaks,
You feel the heat,
Like it’s right in the back of your neck,

But El cholo smiles,
As his gun quiet lies,
On the table on top of a check.

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