The blue side of Glasgow

Six games played in July and a goalscore that gives me an erection. Twelve goals scored and zero motherfucking goals conceded! Steven Gerrard has come to town and he is already scaring the rest of the scottish league. Even their huge rivals Celtic must be shakin’ like a routined baker is bakin’. Some great players has come to the club – the best ones from Liverpool FC and it shows that they know their manager and it shows that they are playing for their big idol.

How far can they take it though? Celtic are by far the biggest favorites in the league. They are simply cruisin’ towards the championship every season and I bet they will feel cocky about their chances again this season, but who gives a fuck! Rangers are back and I will give you my promise right here – RANGERS ARE READY FOR WAR on the Scottish football pitches and Im backing them to win the league this year!

Imagine Ibrox going crazy if Steven Gerrard gets them the scottish Championship in his first season at the club! He will be a legend at the blue side of Glasgow, as he is in Liverpool. Probably on a different level, but still – a legend he will be. I will follow the scottish league closer than ever – GO YA FUCKING TEDDY BEARS!

All the bluenoses in the world has got your back!







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