When men beats boys

Sunday was a game between two sides who loves to play pretty football, but it never became pretty for the visitors. FC Nordsjælland had an average age around 22, which is impressive, but when boys meets men, we have to see a difference and a difference we saw. We saw one team of babies, who have loads of technical ability and then we saw a team of men ready to kill for the win.

Brøndby came out like thunder and should probably had scored three goals instead of the one goal Kamil Wilczek scored in the first half. He just keep fucking scoring – I love that dude! Its not always pretty, but he always puts it in the back of the net. The visitors had only half a chance in the first half, so it looked nice from the start.

The second half ended up being a defending game more than anything else, which hasn’t been the style of Brøndby under Alexander Zorniger, but I loved what I widnessed yesterday. We controlled the fuck out of those kids and when it became time to finish them of – we did just that about 5 minutes before the final whistle, when Erceg scored with his pretty face and made it definite – Brøndby vs. FC Nordsjælland 2-0.

Next up is the “New Firm” and I meet an american girl a couple of days ago, who had this to say about FC Copenhagen:

Did you guys hear it?? If not listen again.

FCK are a bunch of cocks – how many agrees with this sweet sweet girl?

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