Ms. Mourinho

Jose “girlscout” Mourinho is at it again – crying his fucking eyes out. An old and grey man who cries like a little girl who didn’t get the barbie she wanted for christmas. The man has spend money like no other through out his career, but now when things go a little slow, the man start crying – he is a pussy and I hate him.

He could certainly learn a thing or two about being a man from Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti, Rafa Benitez and Diego Simeone. Even big ugly Sam Allerdyce looks like “The Hulk” compared to Ms. Mourinho and his fucking crying! Cry me a mother fucking river –Β  Somebody slap that poor escuse of a man child!

I really wonder if he can make something of Manchester United this season. In my mind Ms. Mourinho are so far from the class Alex Ferguson had and I do NOT think Ms. Mourinho is the one for “The red devils”. In my opinion she should be far away from the Premier league.




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