Premier league

Im feeling so fucking ready for the Premier league this year. I think it will be very close at the top and I love that every team in the league are getting stronger and stronger. Teams like West ham and Liverpool are buying real quality and Liverpool are looking more and more like the team to challenge Manchester City this year. Arsenal has been spending to, but I do not see the quality yet – they seem to think quantity instead of quality, but lets see – they can definitely surpise.

Teams like Crystal Palace and Everton looks to be a lot stronger than we widnessed last season. Specially Everton can only go up if stability is finally added and with the the transfers they made on the pitch and on the bench, it might just happen this year. Also with the quality Crystal Palace had brought in, I see few limits if they can keep Zaha and get moving. Everton and Crystal Palace will get in top 10!

Then we have the teams, who we expected to spend loads of money – they are not. Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Newcastle!? Im chocked – what are they doing? Newcastle is just the same sad story again, with this fat pig Mike Ashley putting money in his own pocket, but City haven’t really spend as we expected, United haven’t really spend as we expected and Tottenham who should keep building have been very quiet on the soon closing transfer market. What should we make of this?

What do you expect of the Premier league this season? I expect fucking thunder, I expect lots of goal from every team but Ms. Mourinhos and I expect shocks from the teams we believe to be sucking. I expect Fulham, Crystal Palace and Wolverhampton to surprise us. Lets get it on! 


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