2nd hand shopping

The blue side of Merseyside, once called Everton – now called 2nd hand shopping motherfuggers. All the puke Ronald Koeman bought, all the crap Big bear Allerdyce couldn’t work with and now all the benchwarmers from Barca, little mouse Bernard and the rest of the sadness. Did this left back french dude actually say that Liverpool are jalous he didn’t sign for them some years ago? Im in shock. Dude you fucking suck!

Dont get me wrong – I hope it works for you. Im all for the Merseyside, but you Evertonians are shopping like you are in Wallmart shopping for Gucci! You take home what you think is quality, but fuckers – its just not Gucci. Pull out the big money and get it right the first time. Sammy are in his swimmingpool with cocain and bitches, smiling cause he got to leave the mad house.

Its like traveling to Romania for quality pussy – pussy will be found, but the quality is no where to be seen. Lower your fucking expectations and just smile If you end up in the upper part of the league! Ill by plane tickets for everyone to Romania If Everton ends up in top four – Peace!

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