Legends of the 60s

Legends of the 60s

Lev Yashin – GK
Djalma Santos – RB
Franz Beckenbauer – CB
Billy McNeil – CB
Giacinto Facchetti – LB
Garrincha – CM
Luiz Suarez – CM
George Best – CM
Bobby Charlton – AM
Pele – CF
Ferenc Puskas – CF

BA69826D-0F7E-4D46-A30E-D5704137986ELey Yashin, Goalkeeper:

Some call him “the black spider”, some call him “the black panther” and some call him the greatest ever. I was close to putting Gordon Banks in there, but I’m thinking he can wait till the 70’s team. Yashin revolutionised the goalkeeper position when playing for Russia in the 60’s. In 1960 he won the European Nations cup with Russia – he also in played three World cups and he actually won the Ballon d’or in 1963. The only goalkeeper to ever do just that – impressive. He ended up playing 78 Matchs in total for Russia. Dynamo Moscow had the pleasure of his skills for his entire career – he ended up playing over three hundred domestic league Matchs for his third love.

C680E290-DD0B-49DE-9DE8-9716E03B81E6Djalma Santos, Right back:

The only right back to choose, when speaking about the 60s – he was phenomenal. Actually we could have made him a part a 50s team also, but for now, the 60s is where we start. He played in four consecutive world cups and kicked ass in the final against Sweden back in 1958, where Brazil went home with the trophy. In 1962 he won the second World cup and in 1966 he also played a big role on the national team, but his national trophy collecting was over. He has been selected for three World cup all-stars team and is still a legend I his home country of Brazil. He played almost hundred Matchs for Brazil and close to a thousand Matchs for Portuguese, Palmeiras and Atletico Paranaense.

E96504DE-2FF8-4167-A198-2C473E160079Franz Beckenbauer, Centre back:

The one and only – Der Kaiser. The man who actually played the World cup semi final in 1970 against Italy, with his arm in a sling, because he didn’t give a shit about pain. By many football fans he is regarded as the greatest player to ever play the beautiful Match, because of the libero role he invented all by himself. He was simply the heart of the West German team from the day he started. Over a hundred Matchs played for his country and at club level he played over five hundred league Matchs for Bayern Munchen, New Your Cosmos and Hamburger SV. This legend will definitely be back for the legends of the 70s, where his history continues.

2120AB7C-B6C7-45FF-995C-C82ABF7CFDB8Billy McNeil, Centre Back:

Eighteen years from 1957 to 1975 and almost five hundred league Matchs for Celtic as a player! In 1967 he won the European cup in Lisbon, ensuring Celtic the beautiful nickname “The Lisbon lions”. In 1978 he went back to Celtic to become a manager and stayed a manager in Celtic until 1983. He returned to his beloved Celtic in 1987 and in 1991 he left his second love for good. No doubt about the fact that Billy McNeil is a great legend and the Scottish can be proud of the fact that Billy got twenty-nine Matchs for his country. From BallsBallsBalls – a lot of love to a great leader.

53EDA984-C8C8-4253-9FCB-F2804FBB1BE1Giacinto Facchetti, Left back:

What a stylish fucking legend he was. The man played almost five hundred league Matchs for Internazionale, scoring almost sixty goals and winning four “Scudetto’s” plus two European cups to add to his big trophy case. A case, sadly missing a World cup trophy. In 1970, Italy came in second after losing to a simply fucking great Brazilian team. This big man was one of the big leaders on the team called “The big Inter” and with his strength, stamina and wonderful technique, he made people smile all over the world – and not only on the pitch. Of the pitch he was known for his smiles and for his wonderful Italian arrogance. Only Facchetti posses the class to play left back in this team.

E50CABBD-D40F-4010-A439-14D81B904E14Garrincha, Right-Centre midfield:

Forget Ronaldinho, Forget Messi, Forget Ronaldo and forget Cristiano for a few minutes. The man regarded as the greatest dribbler to ever walk on a football pitch is this guy – Garrincha. He played fifty Matchs for Brazil in arguably their greatest period ever. He won the World cup in 1958 and in 1962 and he actually won the FIFA World cup golden boot and the FIFA World cup golden ball in 1962. Guys, this was a team with Pele on the team – Garrincha kicked motherfucking ass! On club level he played over six hundred league Matchs for Botafogo scoring close to three hundred goals, which recognize him as a real goalscorer to. in 1965 Botafogo let him go to play a small number of Matchs for other club in Brazil and he kept on scoring. Lot of love to a real legend of the Match.

A0A021E2-EC38-49FD-B22E-98EF528A0EB1Luiz Suarez Miramontes, Center midfield:

Do not mistake this dude for the for the dog who bites. “Luisito” is one of the greatest footballers Spain have ever seen. Elegant like Zinedine Zidane and Michael Laudrup, graceful like Ronaldinho and Maradona and passing/shooting ability like Lionel Messi. This man was – back then – a real magician and everyone who has witnessed the legend live, should feel more than lucky. He played close to forty Match for his country and actually won the UEFA European championship in 1964. Four years earlier he won the Ballon d’or and already in an early age the talent started showing. From the age of eighteen to thirty-eight he played over four hundred league Matchs, scoring over a hundred league goals a long the way for clubs like Barcelona and Internazionale – forza “El Arquitecto”.

FB633EDA-1BA9-4A5A-A2F6-4F84A4A2D4A1George Best, Left-Center midfield:

His talent, his magic and his thirst for beer and women has mide this man known all over the world. His club career speaks for it self. From 1963 to 1974 he worked his magic in one of the biggest clubs in the world – Manchester United. In that period he won two league titles, one FA cup, two Charity shields and one European cup PLUS in 1968 he took home the Ballon d’or. The period between 1964 and 1968 gave him six titles with Manchester United and at the end of that period he took the most prestiges individual award under his arm with at big smile – the Ballon d’or. After his Man U spell, he played at different clubs before he stopped playing ball in 1984. Time to go home and bang chicks and drink beer. RIP legend!

A9F04F26-F8E5-49D8-BD59-3CEEE841761ABobby Charlton, Attacking midfield:

One of England’s finest ever footballers! The year of 1966 was the year of Bobby fucking Charlton. That year he won the World cup and he took home the Ballon d’or. Sir Bobby was best known for his passing and his attacking instincts, but the man was extremely strong and was also well-known for his stamina on the pitch – the man would just not stop running. Sir Bobby was one of nine Manchester United players who survived the plane crash i Munich back in 1958. He survived with minor injuries, but his teammates will forever be remembered – Rest In Peace! Seventeen years he gave to Manchester United playing over six hundred league Matchs, scoring almost two hundred league goals – impressive from a midfielder. He won twelve trophys in that period and Sir Bobby will forever be a legend of the beautiful Match.

0230274A-29B0-4D05-8A84-28CCBD9B04E1Pele, Forward: 

The very definition of “Ginga” football! Brazil’s beautiful, fun and free football style was mostly defined by Brazil’s biggest sports talent ever made. Pele is probably the biggest sportsman the world have ever seen. Okay, maybe number two, after Muhammad Ali. Pele is what so many football players today should be. Humble, smiling og totally in love with the beautiful Match! Three World cup trophies, twenty-five trophies with Santos, two trophies with New York Cosmos and seven fucking Ballon d’ors. This man needs no more words, because the story of this great man speaks for it self!

5CC43EA5-E0E5-4E69-AF7B-559053C71B72Ferenc Puskas, Forward:

Eighty-four goals in eighty-five Matchs for Hungary and then he actually played four Matchs for Spain, without scoring though. Budapest Honved and Real Madrid got the pleasure of his extreme abilities and on club level he scored over five hundred league goals in about five hundred league Matchs – one of the greatest forwards to ever play the Match. Its was a very difficult choice between Puskas and Eusebio. Puskas got it so lets appreciate the legacy of one of the true greats. Probably the best player Hungary will ever make, so love to a great legend of the 60s!

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