Marcelo “The mastermind” Bielsa

Twelve fucking teams managed since 1990 – a number which probably will not impress anyone, but fuck it – this man is a genius. He is weird, he is crazy, he is eccentric, but most of all – he just doesn’t seem to give a shit and THAT is what I love about this dude. Suddently the news came not long ago – he signed for legendary Leeds United. Can he get them to the top and finally get them back in the Premier league?

They beat Stoke in the first game at home 3-1. Stoke scored on a penalty and Leeds scored three in the first league game – lets hope that it will get them going towards the best football league in the world – The Premier League. I recall a lot of Leeds legends – how awesome would it be to see “The peacocks” spread their wings once again?!

I remember legends like Billy Bremner, Gordon Strachan, Alan Clarke, Peter Lorimer and Johnny Giles amongst others, who I probably are missing from back then. I wasn’t born then so bare with me. Also – James Milner, Rio Ferdinand, Alan smith, Lee Bowyer, Harry Kewell, Mark Viduka, Fabian Delph and Gary McAllister are all names who has worn the clean white colors.

Who will be next on the list of legends who carried the beautiful colors with pride and honor? Who will deserve the next statue right there on Elland road? Could it be Marcelo Bielsa, when in 10 years, he will be playing european football with Leeds United?


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