Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Alexander Zorniger – to many people an unknown charracter, but to many in Denmark – a fucking legend! In the eyes of the biggest part of the Brøndby fans he made the impossible, possible last year, when we played for the Championship till the last game of the season. And – he won us the cup once again, adding to an already huge trophy cabinet out there in Brøndby.

Alex loves Brøndby and Brøndby loves Alex, even If we lost the derby yesterday. We played a team of class, sorry to say. If we add to that, that we are only still on 80 % after losing important players – we can be proud. “Coach” are fighting to find the right solutions – he is getting closer! Had God been with us sunday, we would have had a 1-0 lead and a 2-1 lead, but with the referee to in to details and Mukhtar in the mood to lob the ball, “the dicks” took their chance.

Let them smile for a bit – we will fuck them up at home, when “coach” get the midfield exactly right and our new players get our style under their skin. Alexander Zorniger is the man to bring us back the championship trophy and soon – he will!

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