I pity everyone playing against Manchester City in the Premier league. First game of this season it was Arsenals turn to get run over – even If Arsenal, before the game saw them selves as a stronger side than they were last year. The gunners was once again fucking out gunned.

It scares me a little that Manchester City has been looking so invincible, when playing teams who see them selves as equals – except Liverpool of course. City of course slapped Liverpool silly in the first game last year – after that Liverpool smacked the citizens around a bit, but still City looked and lookes invincible.

Will the citizens continue their march? That was the big question and they answered it quickly against Arsenal! How far can they take it this season? Can they once again make every team in the Premier league, look like sunday league teams? I pity the teams playing againt Manchester City and Im excited to see If they can keep Liverpool from the title this year.

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