Barcelona – Sevilla

Sevilla would have expected more of them self, but they have to get used to the new manager.

Barcelona – 2

Sevilla – 1


Gerard Pique, Ousmane Dembele.

Played at:

Stade Ibn Batouta.


Barca is only on 70 %, but Messi seems to play on 150 % when he is on the pitch for Barca. His free kicks is like a bullet from a routined snipers riffle and his presence on the pitch is extreme. Forever GOAT is Messi and the first trophy is in the hands of Barca. Sevilla must miss Unai Emery. They have not been the team we are used to see kick ass in the Europa league, since he left. Pablo Machin has taken over and the club must be exited to see what he can deliver. He did a great job when he was in Girona for four years, so lets see.

Game hero: 

Ousmane Dembele. He is growing in Catalonia and Valverde must be able to see it for himself. It looks like he will play Dembele a lot more this season, so I’m exited to see how far he can take it. It looks like Barca have found the perfect replacement for Hollywood Neymar. I love that he look so cool. It seems like he has perfect control over his emotions and this guy can end up being one of the best.

Game zero:

Luis Suarez – he is starting to look stupid. It chocks me that the man can’t make a simple pass over 5 meters. I have always been a big fan of Suarez, but if he doesn’t step up, Barca have to sell him and buy som real quality.

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Legends of the 80s




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