FCK – Brøndby

FC København was to big of a mouthful for Brøndby in this derby – it looked way to easy for the big rivals.

FC København – 3

Brøndby – 1


Robert Skov, Ante Erceg, Nicolaj Thomsen, Viktor Fischer.

Played at:

Telia Parken.


The dicks from FC Copenhagen were strong today and Brøndby are still only on 70-80 %. The game was lost fair and square, but Brøndby needs to step up their game. Last season when Brøndby still had their spine in, Christian Nørgaard, Teemu Pukki and Frederik Rønnow, Brøndby didn’t lose a derby. After them being sold, they lose the first one. Brøndby sold their best players, so time is needed to get back on track. I believe in the club and I believe in most of the players they have bought, but the quality is very far away right now. It will come though – it will come.

Game hero: 

Ante Erceg. What a goal – exactly what Pukki didn’t have – KILLER INSTINCT. The man this guy replaced, were loved by many in Brøndby, but it is no secret that even though he scored goals, he wasted to many chances also. Pukki could put the most simple chance on the stands and score out of no where when it was needed. It looks like Ante Erceg is a far better finisher, but he need to improve where Pukki shined – in his pressing and running patterns.

Game zero:

Benedikt Rocker. The man is simply to fucking slow. Joel Kabongo are needed back in the starting lineup. Last year Benedikt Rocker were one of the players who had blood on his shirt, skin in his teeth and fire in his eyes – that is missing this season. The whole team is to blame though. When the pressing doesn’t work, the defense looks stupid. That needs to change.

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