Klopps army

The army of Klopp – also called Liverpool football club. From the moment he stepped on Merseyside land, we knew the match was just right, but not until this season, have I been sure of the fact that this man can reach legend status like Shankly, Paisley and Benitez.

Liverpool are outbying Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea and they are fucking up teams from all over Europe – I smell trophies. I smell the trophies Liverpool have been waiting for, for too long and I suspect dear Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley are smiling from where ever they are. Even the Spanish legend must be smiling from his home in Newcastle.

The season started for real against West Ham, a West Ham team who spend well on manager and on players and I suspected a tough match. It never became a tough match – it looked like a waterside cruise in a brand new Bentley. Liverpool fucked them up! The whole team looks so crazy good – from keeper to forward and if they can keep players fit, if defense keep performing and if Sturrigde can keep his numbers going, I suspect a Premier league trophy coming soon!

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