Liverpool – West Ham

West ham have spend and they now have a team of talent. They could not manage Liverpool though.

Liverpool – 4

West Ham – 0


Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane (2), Daniel Sturridge.

Played at:

Anfield Road.


Liverpool really exploded! Can they keep it up against Crystal Palace? If this is the Liverpool we are going to see this season, I smell trophies. Liverpool’s group of attacking talents are growing if Sturridge kan keep up scoring. Can he? Yes he can, because he is a goalscoring talent very rarely seen. Wish his injuries had never been present – then we would have seen a world-class forward. Right up there with the greatest in the world.

Game hero:

James Milner. He was everywhere – fucking warrior! First, everybody have to give credit to James Milner. The man has made an impact on the Premier league with his professionalism and his commitment. Second, this man is just from out of this world when it comes to running, tackling and setting up chances from the midfield. Third, we love you James.

Game zero:

Manuel Pellegrini. Failed to make first game impact. But is that so strange. The team is extremely new and nobody would have expected him to make an impact so quick. I’m pretty sure West ham will grow as the Premier league move further ahead. West ham is a legendary team so hope to see them up where they belong.

The art of wasting talent


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