Brøndby – Spartak Subotica

Subotica were easy for Brøndby as they should be – Brøndby moves towards the Europa league group stage.

Brøndby IF – 2

Spartak Subotica – 1


Dominik Kaiser, Dejan Djenic, Kamil Wilczek.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


When Brøndby need goals – Kamil are usually the man for the job and tonight he was again. The defense is not good though and they need to sort it out for the next European games. Important players from last season are sold and are, sadly, not available any more. That’s how it is in football. The problem here is that in Brøndy’s case it was the fucking spine of the team, they decided to let go. They players probably pushed the transfers through, but Brøndby should have decided to stand firm instead. These sales definitely gave Brøndby some hard needed cash, but Im worried that it will be hard to recover from.

Game hero:

Dominik kaiser. He is beginning to show what we heard from “Coach”, who spoke very highly of Dominik Kaiser before he arrived. No one at Brøndby would dare to dream about the transfer though. I mean this is a guy, with several Bundesliga games in his backpack. He decided that the move was right for him and now the fans in Brøndby are happy. It will take time for him to settle, but settle he will.

Game zero:

Marvin Schwaebe. That drop – lets forget it quickly. What we should not forget quickly is that we need Marvin to start performing. He looks like a sad excuse of a sunday league goalkeeper and if that is what Brøndby bought, someone needs to hire someone. He looks so fucking silly. My lovely grandmother would have saved that shit.

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