Easy peasy

Easy peasy for Chelsea against Huddersfield, but does that result define the power of Chelsea this season? Im not sure. Hazard can still join Real Madrid as Courtois already has and Willian could go to, but will they? Can Chelsea keep them happy?

As Chelsea sold their main keeper, they bought “Kepa” in legendary Athletic Bilbao – a great great talent, but lets be honest. He is not going to deliver from day one. If Chelsea are lucky, then he will deliver from next season. I remember when De Gea joined Manchester United – fucking Lindegaard kept him on the bench for sucking so bad at one point.

They have a great team thought – no doubt. Jorginho and Kovacic came in and now try to count the big names. Hazard, Willian, Kante, Morata, Luiz, Fabregas, Pedro, Alonso, Christensen and so on. This is a team of fucking class and they showed it against Huddersfield. Top four should be “easy peasy” if Hazard and Willian chose to stay, but a new coach is brought in – can he deliver what is expected?

A lot of questions surrounds Chelsea.

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