In bed with red

Sean Dyche

I’m a sexy bald and ginger man,
I love beer cocaine and pussy,
Okay I love some sweetness to,
Hey biatch make me a cookie,

I brought my Burnley to Europe,
But that job is just by day,
At night I screw I bang I hump,
I fuck my troubles away,

I’m way to fucking horny,
Hard erect just dark and stormy,
I’m never alone,
I have hookers at home,
I arrive and they take a dump on me,

Cause I feel for the weirder things,
We dress up like queens and kings,
Of course I’m the queen,
A pencil sharpener machine,
I’m wide like the Colorado springs,

I know I make people feel sick,
And I’m sorry for the things I say,
I’m a freak a nasty ginger,
Please pull out your finger,
I’ll lick the bad smells far away.

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Legends of the 80s

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