Wagner so Wicked

David Wagner

My love was once named Jürgen,
My Lord I want him so bad,
My feelings were so romantic,
And nasty want him like I had,

I touched his balls late a night,
When he was in a deep deep sleep,
He never knew I licked them to,
Day went by but at night – repeat,

Till the day I woke him up in the dark,
I had him just like I wanted,
Dear God turn back time to the fart,
That woke him and made him feel haunted,

He screamed like girl getting smacked,
Like a boy getting caught watching porn,
Then he started to cry,
His cheeks couldn’t dry,
His soul was simply to torn,

I hurt the big love of my life,
So now when I’m fully erect,
I play five on one,
I play one in five,
Even alone I’m really perfect.

Check out the link below:

Balls’ bets. Liverpool – Southampton

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