Brøndby – Esbjerg

Esbjerg made Brøndby look like a sunday league team. They will be happy going back home with a win.

Brøndby – 0

Esbjerg – 1


Yuri Yakovenko.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


I have never seen so many chances missed in one game and I have never seen so sad a performance – or at least it is some time ago. I definitely believe that Brøndby will get back in the race, but they need to get moving. Shots on the post, shots wide and shots on the stands. Shots were frequently fired, but no quality behind them, so the win for Esbjerg was deserved. When you can’t hit the target, you can’t fucking win a football game. Plus Brøndby have a goalkeeper who couldn’t save a ball if it was hanging from his nuts. I’m a believer, so I believe that Brøndby will fight for the league this year.

Game hero:

The pigeon on the stadium roof – it was flying beautifully, which is more than I can say about the game today as a whole. There were no heroes on the pitch today. Some would say, Yuri Yakovenko – the Esbjerg goal scorer, but he only scored and won the game for them, because Brøndby sucked.

Game zero:

The home team – they didn’t show up. In fact I still believe them to be down at the pub drinking beers and laughing. No one should be pulled from the bad team performance on this day. No one deserves any praise and no one deserves the opposite. The team failed today and the team needs to step up their game.

Check out link below:

The art of goalkeeping


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