Mudchester United

Excuse me, where do I find Manchester United? In the motherfucking mud and MaureenHo is not happy. He is probably still on the corner of bitchin’ and slapping where he’s crying about his rivals spending. Where else would he be and what else would the bastard do after losing to Brighton.

Paul Pogba – their billion dollar signing – did nothing to make anybody trust in him to be the man this year for the so called “red devils” and with the manager being in the mood he is in, is he pulling his players up og pushing them down while struggling? Is he just playing with the media? Is he trying to piss people of? Is he just being crazy? Or is he simply that mother fucking stupid?

I have never been a big fan of Mr. José Mourinho and I must admit Im enjoying this a little, but knowing his work he will probably just start winning and once again be shutting his critics up. How awesome would it be though, If he actually ended up fucking it up for him self! Lets see, but for now, Im smiling at the catastrophe that is MaureenHo!

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