Hollywood struggles

For a while now I have been hating those players, who is falling like they have been gunned down by a sniper on the stadium roof top. If Im not mistaking – most of you guys out there have the same feeling. It was getting really bad in the Premier league, but it seems like we are widnessing a blessing in the making with these possible suspensions if video can show a hollywood incident.

A solution like that would be awesome in La liga too. To many players in that league are pussies and just straight up sad to look at – its probably not gonna happpen though, but lets see in the future. I would really love to see that sadness come to an end in Spain and in the league which has arguably been the greatest league in the world for the last years. Let men be fucking men and let the pussies stay in the stands.

Who is the worst ones in this nasty diciplin? My top 10 of worst present divers follows.

  1. Neymar
  2. Luiz Suarez
  3. Arjen Robben
  4. Jordi Alba
  5. Cristiano Ronaldo
  6. Sergio Busquets
  7. David Luiz
  8. Ashley Young
  9. Nani
  10. Daniel Sturridge



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