U turn Unai

Unai Emery

Its time to make a U-turn,
What da FUGG have I done,
From Sevilla to Paris to Arsenal,
Now football is fucked ya scum,

Why did I chose this bag of shit,
I have to pack up and run,
Maybe Ramsey with a bat I can hit,
Flip ‘em the finger and then be gone,

Maybe Mesut can come,
To a league so low just to show,
That every team in the world is greater,
Than Chelsea and Tottenham’s hoe,

I’m left with Wenger waste,
Garbage is all I can taste,
I got a decent signing on fee,
They should have got me a can of maze,

So I could spray my self blind,
So I really didn’t have to see,
These bag of shits they left me with,
If I cut my self, will I bleed?

Check out link below:

Barcelona – Huesca

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