Crystal Palace – Liverpool

Crystal Palace are a great team with a legendary manager, but today they were up against a class act.

Crystal Palace – 0

Liverpool – 2


James Milner, Sadio Mane.

Played at:

Selhurst Park.


Liverpool, like always, had a difficult time at Selhurst Park – so they had their focus on the defensive part of the game. That was actually awesome to watch, because they knew exactly when to strike though, as they scored their goals in the last minutes of both halfs. Liverpool are looking more and more like a team to trust in the Premier League race. First because of their front three. Second, because they now have a solid fucking defence.

Game hero:

Georginho Wijnaldum. He looks like a champion. He is in great fucking form and it is so nice to see. He struggled a bit little last season, but know he is starting to show his best side and I like what I’m seeing. He will play a lot the upcoming games,

Game zero:

Christian Benteke. His finishing was once again hilarious. The man has went from a monster at Aston Villa to a joke in Crystal Palace. He was in Liverpool for a short period, but Klopp were quick to get rid of him and that looks like a smart move.

Why me, Mourinho

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