The true fans

What are true fans?

I know a lot of people who love their team, when they are winning and speak proudly of them when every weekend is a victory – who wouldn’t. What I hate is when fans, mostly the fans of the teams I support, keep bitchin’ when things are going a little slow. An example is my team back in Denmark, Brøndby IF. We had an amazing season last year. We won the cup tournament and played for the championship til the last game of the season – sadly not winning it, but that is the best season we have had since 2005 trophy wise and the best fucking EVER, point wise.

Now we are struggling and SOME of the fans are suddently full of hate towards our players and coach. To you I say – EAT ME! Understandably we go at them, cause they are bad at the moment and I definitely hate the current situation as much as anyone, but what we achieved last year still gives me hope. We just need a little time to get back on track after big sales.

There’s is always room for bitchin’, when the disappointment is to big – lets make that clear for everyone, but lets stay fucking supportive and lets keep the hate out of our hearts and far away from the football pitch no matter what team you support. We are all better of with hate far away from our lives and far away from the beautiful game.

Every big team in the world have these fuckups/top of the table/supporting the winners/stick to water polo kind of fans, but let them fucking talk and let them support their soulless so called winners and let them smile till they crash and burn – cause when that happens I promise we will see that the true fans are the real heroes.



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