Liverpool – Brighton

Brighton are a nice team, who had great results against Manchester United. Today they were unlucky.

Liverpool – 1

Brighton – 0


Mohamed Salah.

Played at:

Anfield Road.


Liverpool didn’t really go as crazy as I thought they would. They won a game they probably would have lost or drawed last season though, so optimism is the word from Anfield right now. Lets hope the optimism will lead to more victories in the near future. I can really see Liverpool as a force if they can stay stable and maybe keep the defense in form. Above all Liverpool looks strong and it will continue.

Game hero:

Allison Becker. What a keeper! He is what Liverpool needed. He certainly won the three points today, so the little mistake he made is to forget. Liverpool have not had a point winning keeper since Pepe Reina and he were no way near the class of Allison. I have always been a believer and also a fan, but Allison sends my belief through the roof.

Game zero:

Sadio Mane. He had a difficult game and to me it looks like he is suffering. For a long time he has needed to many chances to score. Most of his goals are tap ins. Is it because of lack of ability or is he weary? Maybe his self-confidence is low at the moment? It seems like the last one is the correct one.

The art of midfielding


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