Money vs history part 1

For too long I have been witnessing some of the biggest teams play for empty seats, just to announce themselves as the greatest team in the league, the country or the world. For too long I have been witnessing players announce their clubs as the biggest ever, without having any history or trophies to show. The message from me is – be fucking serious for a minute. Are Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain the biggest in the world, because they now have almost unlimited resources? Is that defining instead of the history of Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Barcelona or AC Milan?

Manchester City is an example as people are starting to question, whether they now are a bigger club than Manchester United – it makes me want to slap someone.

Manchester United, born in 1902 – 60 trophies:

  • 20 First division/Premier League trophies
  • 11 FA cups
  • 3 league cups
  • 19 FA Charity/Community shield
  • 3 Europa cup/Champions league
  • 1 UEFA cupwinners cup
  • 1 UEFA supercup
  • 2 International cups
  • Old Trafford capacity: 74.994
  • Average attendance 2017/2018: 74.976

Manchester City, born in 1894 – 16 trophies:

  • 5 First division/Premier League trophies
  • 5 FA cups
  • 5 league cups
  • 1 UEFA cupwinners cup
  • Etihad capacity: 55.097
  • Average attendance 2017/2018: 53.812 

Manchester City have to be taken seriously as the team they are today, no doubt about that. Even if we fucking hate the way, they became what they are. Money has ruined the innocence, the loyalty and some of the charming parts of football – that we have to accept. But if we push that a side, Manchester City is now writing their own history. They need to keep writing to catch their city rivals though.

Lets agree on the fact, that Manchester City is no where near the class of Manchester United – and that will not change for a long time!

Part two is coming up!


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