Mr. Why me

Jose Mourinho

I stay arrogant and cocky,
But I cry myself to sleep,
All the ones who loved me,
And used to kiss my feet,

Are now laughing at me,
They think that I’m a creep,
They think I’m sad,
It makes me mad,
I’m sweet why can’t they see,

I’m tough when I’m on the telly,
But butterflies are in my belly,
Lets listen to just a dream by Nelly,
WOW – my farts are really smelly,

Is that because of the garlic,
The onions, olives or chili,
The prunes I eat before i sleep,
Or cause i ate my pet fish Willy,

I really have no idea about nothing,
I just want Manchester to love me,
Even though I’m arrogant,
Fat, old and getting ugly.

Check out link below:

Balls’ Bets. Tottenham – Liverpool

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