Miracles happen

Tomorrow Brøndby are playing Genk at home and it will be a crazy game! Brøndby are down 5-2 from the first game and it seems crazy to hope for a result – but Im hoping. Most of all because miracles has happened before in football.

No one will ever forget the Barca games against PSG thats for sure, but what about the Champions league final in 1999. Manchester United won because of to goals in overtime. In 2005 a miracle happened in Istanbul, when Liverpool came back and won after being down 3-0. Brøndby actually did it them self in 1996 after losing 1-3 to Karlsruhe in Denmark- they struck back HARD and won 5-0 in Germany.

It will be so extremely difficult, but Im a believer and I believe that tomorrow will be the day we have been waiting for. I will be right there on the stands to cheer my ass of. Miracles fucking happen at it will happen tomorrow.

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