The art of defending

The art of defending

What makes a great defender? Stamina? Endurance? strength? Charisma? Power? Tackling? Passing? It’s difficult to put a finger on one thing. First of all the perfect defender probably needs a mix of all of the above, but most importantly – they must have a warriors instinct. I want a tackler who can pass through the middle and set attackers up to score. Maybe a captain who plays with his heart, a man who loves the colors on the jersey above all. This list is players, who match the conditions of what I think a defender should  have. Maldini, his style and his love for AC Milan. Puyol, his attitude and his love for Barca etc.  Who is or was the perfect defender? Who is or was brilliant in the art of defending?

Here is our top five in the art of defending:

Paolo Maldini
Carles Puyol
Franco Baresi
Franz Beckenbauer
Fernando Hierro

Five perfect captains because of their abilities, attitudes and their total understanding of what it takes to be a world-class defender. Not only that, because of what they stood for on the pitch, they were five perfect role models because of their human qualities on the pitch. They were respected and loved by their clubs, their teammates and even more by the fans. These five guys have been showing a side of football we should be proud to watch and they deserve all the love they get from everyone. Five legends, five champions, five warriors! The only regrettable thing, is probably the fact that we never got see a short-haired puyol. I would really love to see the ears behind the greasy alcoholic hair. Balls Balls Balls sends a perfect amount of love to five guys who mastered the art of defending every day.

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