Balls’ Bets. Watford – Tottenham

Balls’ Bets, Sunday 2nd September 2018

Result: 2-1, Watford win.

Sunday is London derby day and I’m thinking it maybe quite awesome. For the first time since I can’t remember, this game will be 50/50 with goals from both sides. First, because Watford are kind of shocking everyone, with their Premier league start. Second, because Tottenham have three starlets in Kane, Eriksen an Dele Alli. Conclusion, The game will be close and we will se goals from both sides.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

More than 2,5 goals.

Both team usually score at least two goals every game at the moment. They are placed third and fourth in the league and its a derby. Big game, many goals.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Both teams will score.

Like at bet 1, Im going with this because these two teams just keep scoring at the moment. Watford are overperforming and that will not change on sunday.

Balls’ Bets 3: x

I suspect a goal from a free kick.

Always a tough one and always a gamble, but Eriksen and Trippier really are specialists. One of those two can do it against Watford.

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