Balls’ Bets. Leicester – Liverpool

Balls’ Bets, Saturday 1st September 2018

Result: 1-2, Liverpool win.

Liverpool are to strong for Leicester this weekend and this season. Maybe Leicester can get a goal and maybe they can come close, but Liverpool are a few levels above Leicester. First, because of the fact that Liverpool not only have an attack, but they suddenly have a class defence and a class keeper. Second, because Leicester lost a superstar in Mahrez. Conclusion, Liverpool will win this game even on 70 %. Leicester can get a goal though.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

Liverpool will win.

They seem strong and consistent. Firmino will have a great game I think – maybe his first goal will come.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Both teams will score.

Liverpool always score – home or away. Leicester are also good at the moment and at home they have to go for it.

Balls’ Bets 3: v

Im thinking more than 2,5 goals in the game. Leicester will go for the win at home and that opens up for Liverpool’s front three.

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