Brøndby – FC Midtjylland

FC Midtjylland came to the capital to flex their muscles, but they were very lucky to get the one point today.

Brøndby – 2

FC Midtjylland – 2


Hany Mukhtar, Mayron George, Nikolai Laursen, Erik Sviatchenko.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


Best game Brøndby have played this year. Brøndby were superior to their opponent in every aspect of the game except throw ins. This game will make all Brøndby fans smile and it will make every yellow jersey bounce towards the next games. It was so fucking nice to see the flow being back in Brøndby’s game and they should have scored at least two more goals. They didn’t though, so we have to accept a draw against last years champions. The star man Hany Mukhtar really got it going, but the big surprise was Nikolai Laursen – what a fucking talent!

Game hero:

Nikolai Laursen. A goal and an assist, plus an overall fighting performance. Love that boy. He left Brøndby as a 17-year-old boy for the great team of PSV Eindhoven. He played good youth games there, but a couple of injuries destroyed his chance for first team football. Now he is back in his childhood club where he is starting to shine. Brønby have huge belief in the young dude and this game showed exactly why.

Game zero:

Didn’t see a zero, but I still don’t feel safe about Marvin Schwaebe. Schwaebe is everything that Rønnow wasn’t – he is insecure. Rønnow looked safe in every minute of every game and Brøndby knew that he would be difficult to replace. That fact has been made reality after Brøndby decided to go for a german third keeper from Hoffenheim. To be fair, he can still prove the doubters wrong, but just do it then.

Check out link below:

The art of wasting talent


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