Football and poverty

A lot of football players gives to charity, visit hospitals, autographs jerseys and get their pictures taken with people and children all over the world and no doubt about it – its awesome. Some have built childrens hospitals, some helps in Syria and Palestine, some are UNICEF ambassadors and some are actually paying for treatments to help sick kids who needs it! To you I say, you are loved and you are respected as you guys should be. You deserve what you get as you use your status to help people living in poverty.

We never hear about the people in the football business who doesn’t help, and I really do not need to hear about them. Of course we can still enjoy their talents, the goal they score and the goals they prevent, but they will never get my respect. Imagine a man who have a 100 million on their bank account and doesn’t give a fuck about other people! I cant imagine and I dont want to. To you I say, you do NOT deserve your talent or the love you are getting – until you start giving.

To shut this down on a good hearted note: are on a mission and as soon as we CAN we WILL help people who needs to be helped!

The world will think bigger of you when you help save lifes – spread the love!


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