The art of midfielding

The art of midfielding

What makes a great midfielder? dribbling? Passing? Agility? Power? Mind? Shooting? Confidence? First of all it must be the mind. The greatest midfielders have some of it all of course, because the mind must be just right to be a champion. We have had many champions, also players who are not on this list. Barcelona are known for their attacking football and many of the greatest midfielders have been by Catalonia to work their magic. The greatest played for their rivals though. He could attack and defend, so the perfect number eight, even though he played in the number five jersey. Had the list been only attacking midfielders, Michael Laudrup had been on top of the list. Who was or is the perfect midfielder? Who was or is a master in the art of midfielding?

Here is our top five in the art of midfielding:

Zinedine Zidane
Michael Laudrup
Andres Iniesta
Johan Cruyff
Andrea Pirlo

Five football geniuses, five artists, five legends. World cup winners, Champions league winners and Hall of Fame midfielders. Maybe Laudrup should have been on top. If we were only talking attacking midfielders, he probably would have. Above all, what connects the five geniuses is the mind – but there certainly were raw fucking talent. Have you seen Laudrup dribble and pass? Zidane drible and score? Pirlo orchestra from the 6 position? Iniesta’s biggest idols are Laudrup and Cruyff and you can tell. The class he possess is from out of this world and we can thank his idols for it. Mostly because you can see the likes of Laudrup in him, they play very similarly! Love to all five football legends – you really mastered the art of midfielding.

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