Being global

Many clubs in the football world knows more than anyone, what being global meens. Imagine traveling around the world and every country you visit knows exactly who you are, imagine playing in front of 100.000 fans far far far away from home. That is fucking awesome and that is what clubs like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Liverpool, and Arsenal are used to – that is what football history does and that is the definition of football class.

Some of the winning teams today are not as lucky – Manchester City is one of them. The citizens cant even fill up their own back yard and they are playing for stadiums half empty, when they play away from England. PSG is another one. They just do not posses the class and history – and thats okay.

Liverpool plays a friendly game in Australia – 80.000 people and sold out. Manchester City plays Premier League match in Etihad – hundreds of EMPTY seats. Manchester City equals monster football team with shit history and lazy fans. Lets talk history and fucking fan culture!

We are NOT talking social media followers people!

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