The art of goalkeeping

The art of goalkeeping

The goalkeeper is often the man on the pitch who is least appreciated. It just look more stupid, when a keeper fucks op in a way that gives the opponent the victory. Do I need to mention Loris Karius or Simon Mignolet? To late, I just did, Liverpool have been very unlycky with their keepers since Pepe Reina. Willy Caballero made a big one at this years World cup. Petr Cech made mistakes, Oliver Kahn made mistakes, even David Seaman made mistakes. Mistakes is a part of every keepers game, but that’s the risk of goakeeping. Luckily keepers get all the recocnision they need, when they win a final for their team with last minute saves, penalty saves or score a header in the final minute. I remember Schmeichel creating havoc in the goalkeeping area of FC Bayern, in the 1999 Champions league final. Who is or was the best? Who is or was a master in the art of goalkeeping?

Here is our top five in the art of goalkeeping:

Peter Schmeichel.
Dino Zoff.
Gianluca Buffon.
Manuel Neuer.
Lev Yashin.

This really was a tough one, first of all because the characters are unmistakable. Peter Schmeichel is by many, regarded as the best ever and we agree. His winnings speak for them selves and his attitude took him to the top. Sir Alex Ferguson said it – Schmeichel is the greatest ever. It could have been any of the others. Not much is seperating them. These are all legends though and the list could have been much longer. Lev Yashin is also worth a mention as he is the only goalkeeper, to ever win a ballon d’or. The great Lev Yashin had his best days in the 1950s and 1960s. Could he have been the best today? We will never know. Love to the five best goalkeepers to ever play the game. Above all, you really mastered the art of goalkeeping.

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