The art of wasting talent

The art of wasting talent

Wasting talent is an art known by to many footballers today. In some way I can see why it can be difficult to stay hungry. Maybe it’s because you earn £5 million a year at 21. Another reason to give respect to the ones who plays because they love the game. We always speak of Messi, Ronaldo, Modric, Iniesta etc. Today we will speak the truth about the idiots who never appreciated their talents. I’m thinking of all the Diouf’s, the Dyer’s, the Smith’s and the Quaresma’s out there. The ones who never got to the trophies and the awards to match their talents.

Here is our top five in the art of wasting talent:

Mario Balotelli
Nicklas Bendtner
Adrian Mutu
Adam Johnson

These five take it for me in the talent wasting department. Balotelli is number one, because the man is just a fucking idiot. I bet he have an IQ of 21 or maybe a little closer to 30. Bendtner number two, because he almost equals Balotelli in stupidity. The man once again had beef with a taxi driver in Copenhagen last week. He actually broke his jaw, idiot. Mutu – what a player he could have been, had he not got high on cocaine. Adam Johnson are now 31 years old and in prison for sex with an under aged girl – what a talent wasted. Adriano is probably number one to many. He gets my sympathy, because of the fact that it started to go bad for him, when his father died. He was no idiot, he was depressed. The last we saw of Adriano, was a picture from the favela, where Adriano are holding an AK47 with a big smile – what happened? Adriano was probably the biggest talent on this list and the one I wanted to succeed, the most.

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