Tottenham – Liverpool

Tottenham had to win at home against Liverpool to keep up with the top of the league, but they didn’t. 

Tottenham – 1

Liverpool – 2


Gorginho Wijnaldum, Roberto Firmino and Erik Lamela.

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What we are seeing from Liverpool in the moment is fantastic. They look solid, they look fresh and they look happy. This team is not even done growing. Liverpool are getting closer and closer to being the favorites for the league title this year. Mostly because of the fact that they seem to be able to beat anyone. I’m looking forward to seeing, Shakiri, Fabinho and Sturridge really get minutes in the legs. Lets see on Tuesday against PSG. Will we see a different lineup? I hope so.

Game hero:

Roberto Firmino and James Milner looked at their best today, as far as fighting and tackling goes. Milner also set up chances and he ended up running more than any other on the pitch. Firmino gets it though, because he got the goal and because he ended up bleeding from the eye for the red jersey. YNWA Bobby! Liverpool loves you.

Game zero:

To me the zero of the day is Harry Kane. He was nowhere to be found. First, because of the Liverpool defense. Virgil are killing opponents. Second, because he is just not looking sharp. He definitely had a difficult time though and Eriksen had to – so that it was makes Tottenham medium. Lloris and Dele Alli out, then destroy Kane and Eriksen which equals –  a suffering Tottenham.

The normal one

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