Brøndby – Sønderjyske

Sønderjyske just read Brøndby like an open book and Brøndby invited them in. Brøndby sadly sucked.

Brøndby – 2

Sønderjyske – 4


Marcel Rømer, Kamil Wilczek, Hany Mukhtar, Johan Absalonsen, Mart Lieder, Stefan Gardenmann.

Played at:

Brøndby stadion.


Brøndby Stadion were ready and the vocals on the stands were loud as fuck, but Brøndbys defense did not show up. It looked like the visitors played a bunch of kindergarten children and that kind of defending will not bring home the league title. Let’s be clear on the fact that the defense looked stupid, but it’s about the team performance. When the pressing doesn’t work, the defense are the ones who suffer. Brøndby were lucky that the league leaders also lost, but Brøndby must start getting better – if they don’t, then they will end up at fourth or fifth. Im a believer though and I believe that “Coach” can get the team back on track, but can he do it quickly enough? I really hope so.

Game hero:

Kamil Wilczek. The only man who can look him self in the mirror and be a little proud. He just keep scoring and let’s be honest, Kamil are the greatest goalscorer in the league. I was lucky enough to shake his hand yesterday at let’s just say that he was not satisfied with the result. You did your part Kamil – now the team needs to step up. I hope for every fan out there that they step up very soon.

Game zero:

Benetikt Rocker was by far the saddest excuse of a football player on the pitch against Sønderjyske. He was extremely bad and he made it difficult for the team to perform in any way. Many other players could have been “Game zero” – Schwaebe, Fisker, Kaizer, Jung…. Take a long look in the mirror guys. You need to be better and you need to be better soon.

Check out link below:

Trophies will come


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