Balls’ Bets. Liverpool – PSG

Balls’ Bets Tuesday 18th September 2018

Result: 3-2, Liverpool win.

Tonight Liverpool will take on PSG at Anfield and what a game it will be. The European nights at Anfield are always very special and tonight will be no different. PSG will be arriving arrogant, with big thoughts about themself, but I think Liverpool will surprise them. Liverpool are dangerous at home and they will show it today. Salah have yet to become the goalscorer he was last season, but today could be the day for Salah goals. Liverpool will win today, many goals will be scored and Salah will be one of the goalscorers.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

Liverpool will win.

Liverpool keep proving that they are great at playing the big teams. Not counting the Champions league final last year of course. PSG have not played Liverpool at Anfield yet and I suspect that fact to be an issue for them. PSG will score tonight, but I’m sure Liverpool will win – again.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Over 2,5 goals.

If I should put money on a result I would put it on 3-1, but like Tottenham game, I’m not. I said a few days ago that Liverpool’s attack would shine. They didn’t really even though they won, but today I will say it again, because today – they will score on their chances.

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