Balls’ bets. Liverpool – Southampton

Balls’ Bets, Saturday 22nd September 2018

Result: 3-0, Liverpool win.

Today Liverpool will take on Southampton home at Anfield. Liverpool have played at mid-week Champions league game and had it been last season, I would not have been so sure of a Liverpool win. This season is different – Liverpool have a bench with Shakiri, Fabinho, Sturridge, Lovren, Moreno etc. This Liverpool does not have to suffer, because of a mid-week game anymore. There will be changes in the lineup today, but that doesn’t change the fact that Liverpool will win today and goals will be scored.

Balls’ Bets 1: v

Liverpool will win by 2 or more.

This team looks dangerous, specially when playing home at Anfield, where they always score. The Southampton manager is not known for his clean sheets and their goalscorer Danny Ings is out of the game. With these facts in mind, I can only see it go one way. Liverpool will take a comfortable win. Southampton is a good team well on their way, but today will be very hard for them to manage.

Balls’ Bets 2: v

Over 2,5 goals.

This Liverpool team is always exiting to watch and today will be no different. With the changes probably made from Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp today, Southampton can score. I still believe Liverpool to win comfortably though, which means that many goals will be scored. This must be a sure thing, unless something in the game surprise me like crazy. 3-0 or 3-1 maybe, but lets se. A lot of goals will be scored and that’s the bet.

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