AGF – Brøndby

AGF did not play that good actually, but Brøndby once again defended like a sunday league team.

AGF – 3

Brøndby – 2


Jakob Ankersen, Kamil Wilczek, Casper Højer Nielsen, Kamil Wilczek, Tobias Sana.

Played at:

Ceres Park.


Nothing has changed in the way Brøndby are playing and they are lucky to have a goalscorer like Kamil Wilczek. Brøndby lost once again and once again they let far to many goals pass their own goal line. The keeper is mostly to blame in my mind, as he is in almost every game at the moment. He just continue to look so fucking stupid. Of course, the defence needs to step up to, but he keeper is hired to save the team and Schwaebe couldn’t save a ball if he was hired to keep it out of a Pepsi bottle. That man needs to step up or find another way to make his money.

Game hero: 

Kamil Wilczek – he is becoming a real fan favorite. He is born to score goals and he shows it every weekend. We have many great goalscorers in the league, but to me there is no doubt. Kamil Wilczek is number one. He has one problem this season – he is missing his old buddy, Teemu Pukki, who is now scoring goals for Norwich in England. The whole team needs to step up though. Kamil you are awesome and the fans loves you.

Game zero:

Marvin Schwaebe. It is sad that his name is here every fucking game, but that is exactly what the man deserves. He is getting more and more sad to watch. The problem is that the second keeper is even worse. There is a long way from what Marvin Schwaebe is today to what Frederik Rønnow was last year in Brøndby. I hope he can prove me wrong, but I don’t think this guy will get better.

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