Barcelona – Girona

Barca was destined to win this game, but a VAR decision ruined it. Was VAR decision correct? Not sure.

Barcelona – 2

Girona – 2


Lionel Messi, Cristhian Stuani, Gerard Pique, Cristhian Stuani.

Played at:

Camp Nou.


Barca seemed like a team who were set up to win by Valverde, but VAR destroyed that. Were the VAR decision correct? I certainly don’t think so. It’s to black and white, when VAR takes over. Everyone could see that the elbow was not deliberate – I’m not a VAR fan yet. Girona still seems like a team worth to watch though. I like what they are doing as they seem to give no shits about playing the big teams. They just take them on home and away – it is a breath of fresh air every time they play. In Stuani they have a real goal getter, who they should go many lengths to keep, but let’s see if he can keep it up.

Game hero: 

Lionel Messi. Why? Because he is Lionel Messi. He should have scored one more. Two if we count his free kicks which he converts to goals very often. He got one though and he played a fair game in his standards. In general the game got very difficult for Barca after the send off, but Barca played against a good opponent, also from Catalonia.

Game zero:

Clement Lenglet. I do NOT think what happened was enough for a red card, but he got it and that is why he is chosen for “Game zero”. VAR made the decision for the referee, but shouldn’t he be able to see that it probably wasn’t intended? No one can know that it definitely wasn’t, but come on. A red card for that one? Not in my book.

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